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Miss Hickory, Poet and School Marm

Thursday, April 10th, 2008

This was a really quick and simple collage I made on a 5″x7″ canvas board. I started out painting the board with a nice vibrant red paint acrylic and then diluted a metallic black paint with water and did a color wash over the red, I like the way that turned out. I then took a page from an old children’s book and cut out a house shape and┬ásponged on┬ásome ink to give it an even more aged look. I then layered a copy of an old photo over top and used a liquid dimensional adhesive to attach a metal and glass embellishment over top, with a ribbon tied through the loop. These embellishment were made for scrapbooks so you could put inclusions inside, like tiny seashell, flowers, beads, etc but I wanted to leave it empty and use it as a focal point for the piece. Lastly I used my Clover mini iron (made for quilters) to melt some black crayon across the bottom and embedded buttons in while it was wet.