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Monday, October 1st, 2012

I recently made several domino charms and charm necklaces for Fall and Halloween. Each domino is colored with ink and stamped with an image and then soldered around the edges.

This first one is all about one of my favorite poets Edgar Allan Poe, the round charm is a vintage wooden game piece and there is also a metal ink pen nib.

Poe Charm Necklace

I love this cool owl image, I added another game piece with the word “who”

Owl Charm Necklace

This one is a play on the term “skeleton key”, dancing skeletons on the domino, a metal key and skull bead

Skeleton Key Charm Necklace

This tiny pumpkin charm also has a little leaf bead on it

Pumpkin Domino Charm

and last but not least Ichabod better beware, the headless horseman is riding…..

Headless Horseman Domino Charm

These are currently available in my Etsy Shop.


Go Look It Up

Sunday, July 18th, 2010

When I was little and asked my parents what something meant they always told me to “go look it up”, i.e in the dictionary, encyclopedia, etc. It’s not that they didn’t want to help me, they wanted me to learn to use the books and find the answers for myself. Maybe that’s why I now love old dictionaries? I remember mine was red, with little cut out half circles on the pages where the letters where, funny how things like that stick with you.

Here’s a few soldered pendants made with illustrations from a wonderful vintage dictionary from the early 20’s. I added black patina to all the soldering and the backs of the pieces are their definitions.

a really cool raven:


a fat little toad ( I just love him!):


and a lovely bird in flight:


Look it up in the Dictionary

Sunday, August 23rd, 2009

Wow, where has August gone?? I’ve been so busy and I’ve really neglected my blog, sorry!

This week I was a soldering fool :) and made a ton of new pendants, I’ll be posting them here and for sale in my Etsy shop ( ) over the next week or so. I wanted to get a little early start on Halloween so alot of them are for my favorite holiday, Halloween!

I’ve been continuing to cut up the fabulous vintage dictionary I got awhile ago and here are a few pendants with some of the wonderful illustrations.

This is very Poe inspired, plus I have a thing for ravens and crows. The back includes the definition for “nevermore”


Really pretty owl illustration


and a funny one, a concertina with the words “I heart Polka” added :)